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  • Source:Taipei Arena
  • Date:2016/1/19

Locations, fees, sizes and numbers

Number of lockers
Main Hall(Near Exit 6 and 9)Per useNT$30L78*49*36cm8
Per hourNT$10L86*66*34cm3
Ice Land(2F payable area)NT$30/ Per useL78*49*36cm8
NT$20/ Per useS30*43*24cm90

Near Exit 6

Lockers - Near Exit 6

Near Exit 9

Lockers - Near Exit 9

Ice Land (for ticket holders only)

Lockers - Ice Land (for ticket holders only)

Business Hours

Main Hall: 9am-10pm (may vary depending on event schedules)

Ice Land:

Monday to Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and Summer/Winter vacations: 9am-9pm


1. There are two kinds of lockers:

Charged per use: Takes coins, for single use only.

Charged per hour: Takes EasyCards, which double up as the key. Usage under one hour is charged as an hour. Make sure you have sufficient credit on your EasyCard before use.

2. No perishable, flammable or dangerous substances are allowed in the lockers.

3. Maximum rent period is 24 hours. After which items will be removed by the locker company and will be disposed of. For more information please call the locker company on +886-2-2831-9776/+886-933034252.

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  • Source: Taipei Arena