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Admission Policy

  • Source:Taipei Arena
  • Date:2015/7/9

  1. Birds are prohibited in the arena.
  2. Any pets brought into the arena must remain in a cage or pouch.
  3. Flammable, explosive or dangerous objects are strictly prohibited.
  4. Folding bikes must be completely folded and stored in a carrying bag when brought into the arena.
  5. Taking pictures, video, or audio recordings are strictly prohibited without the given consent of the arena.
  6. Do not enter any restricted areas.
  7. The selling, display, or free giveaway of any food or drink items is prohibited within any area of the arena without the arena’s given permission.
  8. No drones are allowed without prior permission.

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  • Updated: 2015/7/9 15:43
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  • Source: Taipei Arena