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Lost and Found

  • Source:Taipei Arena
  • Date:2013/2/22

     The arena provides a lost and found service which is open from 9:00 am-10:00pm (may vary depending on event schedule). Service phone number: 886-2-25783536#601、602

Claiming lost property:

     When claiming lost property, customers must provide proof that the property belongs to them as well as identification.

Customer’s Lost Property:

     Reports of lost property can be given to and will be managed by the Taipei Arena information counter. The arena’s follow up will be carried out according to Civil Law. The customer may also send a report of lost property to the police.

Loss of Personal Belongings:

     When customers realize they have lost any personal belongings, they can go to the information counter and fill out a “lost property search” form or call and ask the Taipei Arena Information Desk to assist in searching for said item(s).

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  • Source: Taipei Arena