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《Main Hall》How do I apply for an event in the main hall?

  • Source:Taipei Arena
  • Date:2016/9/8

1. Events held in the Main Hall are applied for through a unified inbox method. The time periods when letters are received are posted on this website.
2. By principle, events from January to June of the following year are applied for during March of the current year; events to be held from July to December of the following year are applied for during September of the current year.
3. Additional available times will be announced after accepting scheduling applications from the public.
4. Venue Applicants must be a company, a group or a natural person registered in Taiwan, R.O.C. Therefore, if you would like to rent a venue at Taipei Arena, you must authorize a local agency company, organization or a natural person to do so.
5. For application methods and forms, please call 886-2-25783536 ext. 209,253.

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  • Source: Taipei Arena