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Admission Regulations

  • Source:Taipei Arena
  • Date:2013/3/29

Regulations for Use of Ice Land

Amendments published on April. 12, 2012

§ General §
1.For the safety of customers, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (hereinafter referred to as TRTC) issues the following regulations and publishes them in “The Ice Land” at Taipei Arena. If any change or amendment occurs hereafter, it will also be published here.
2.The regulations are applicable in our paid areas, public waiting areas and corridors. Please read them carefully and make sure to follow the rules.
3.Entrance fees, equipment rental fees and opening hours for public skating at “The Ice Land” skating rink are regulated in accordance with Taipei Stadium Grounds Fee Standards List and our published announcements.
4.TRTC can make flexible plans for using general public skating hours and rent out partial areas of the ice rink for activities or skating classes and will restrict the total number of users to guarantee the safety and skating quality of customers. Please be aware of the aforementioned rule before purchasing the ticket, as you may not request a refund for this reason after entering the paid area.
5.Users should go to their specific skating area according to their requirement. The function of each area is detailed in the illustrative map of “The Ice Land”.
6.Ice Skating Safety Instructions:
 (1)Ice skating may result in potential risk of sports injury and risk of being injured. Even well trained athletes are at risks, so please consider safety factors before skating.
 (2)Children under the age of 7 (and without accompanying adult), pregnant women, users under the effect of alcoholic substances, users without the ability to take care of themselves and those who have adverse medical records (i.e. osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and asthma, etc.) should not skate.
 (3)Please do not wear or change skating shoes, run nor play in public waiting areas and corridors.
 (4)Please do not stay too long at the entrance of the skating rink to avoid blocking other users.
 (5)After ice resurfacing, the ice surface becomes smoother so please evaluate your own skating skill, be more careful and move slowly to avoid accidents.
 (6)For beginners, please take basic skating classes to gain proper skating skills to avoid injury.
 (7)Please carefully evaluate your own skating skill and warm up before skating to avoid potential sports injuries.
 (8)Please make sure that all protection gear has been put on properly and tie well your ice skate’s shoelaces neatly.
 (9)Please wear long sleeve clothes and pants when skating to avoid injuries when falling.
 (10)While skating, you should wear ice skates, a helmet and gloves.  Those who don’t wear helmets should sign the “Safety Responsibility Agreement Contract” of Taipei Arena’s Ice Land.
 (11)Please do not carry or wear hard and protruding objects (such as keys, ornaments, etc).  Please use contact lenses rather than eyeglasses to avoid being harmed by your own lenses.
 (12)Eating, talking on cell- phones, taking videos or intentionally damaging ice surface are forbidden during skating.
 (13)During general public skating hours please skate in a counter-clockwise direction. Do not do dangerous actions such as playing “Ice Train”, high speed irregular skating, throwing ice slush, chasing games nor performing figure skating movements (such as “Backwards Spirals”, “Axel Jumps” and triple turn flip jumps, etc.)
7.Those who have the following behavior will be stopped by our staff members and be requested to leave or be turned over to the police. Fees paid will not be refunded:
 (1)Actions that may harm yourself and others or damage any of our facilities.
 (2)Without permission you are not allowed to distribute or paste advertising flyers, commercial audio recording, videotaping, giving classes or other commercial activities.
 (3)Other behavior that may affect and disturb others or may violate these regulations, our publications or announcements and other related legislations.
§Admission Charges §
8.Customers entering our paid area should buy admission tickets. Those holding a visitor’s ticket should only watch or accompany others and it is not allowed to enter the skating rink area. Admission tickets are valid for single entry only. Those who have scanned their ticket for exiting from the paid area should pay again to enter the paid area.
9.Skating hours are calculated from entering the paid area.  An additional 45 NTD will be charged for every half an hour of overtime. Any period less than half an hour will also be calculated as half an hour overstay. If you encounter ice resurfacing, your skating sessions will be automatically extended.
10.Visitors without a ticket (including those with conditions disqualify them from skating) or holding invalid tickets to enter the paid area, will be requested to pay a complete admission ticket fee and a penalty equal to the double price of the admission ticket.
11.Visitors using fake or falsified tickets to enter the paid areas will be charged according to the regulation of “Visitors without ticket” and be handed to the law enforcement authorities.
12.If your ticket is lost or damaged, you should go to the counter to get a ticket replacement and pay a service charge of 20 NTD.  Those who do not do so, and are found by our staff members will be regarded as “Visitors without ticket” and charged accordingly.
13.After purchasing admission tickets, classes and membership cards, customers should take good care of the receipts, tickets and cards.  For any refund of the aforementioned services, please follow the rules below, otherwise refund may be denied:
 (1)Customers with admission tickets who have not entered the paid area or have entered the paid area less than 10 minutes may request a refund by taking the receipt or ticket to the counter on the day of purchase.
 (2)Customers who have signed up for our classes may take the receipts or tickets to the counter for refund within 7 days from the date of purchase.
 (3)Customers with our membership card may take the receipts or tickets to the counter for refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.
 (4)For customers applying for (2) and (3), we will refund the balance of your purchase after deducting the expenses of the services already provided (these include: the 320 NTD of every entrance to the paid area and for those taking classes, should deduct the fees of lessons already taken). After the deduction if the balance is zero then there will be no refund.
§ Others §
14.Customers with carry-luggage and belongings:
 (1)The following is the list of things forbidden to carry into “The Ice Land”. If visitors are found with these items , they will be requested to leave and the charges paid will not be refunded.  If suspected dangerous or combustible objects are found, the customer will be requested to clarify and to be inspected. Those rejecting the inspection will be considered as suspects for carrying dangerous objects. Then we will not allow them to enter the paid area and will call the police.
  1-1 Slogans, flags, bulletin boards and other advertising materials.
  1-2 Insects, animals and pets except certified guide dogs that accompany visually impaired persons or young guide dog brought by professional guiding dog trainers.
  1-3 Dangerous or combustible materials and other illegal or regulated objects.
 (2)Customers should take good care of important personal belongings. There are lockers installed in “The Ice Land” for storage. We will not be responsible for any missing belongings.
15.If you have found missing belongings in “The Ice Land” please follow the following steps:
 (1)Missing belongings should be handed to our counter staff members, and the finder will be given a receipt.
 (2)Customers with missing belongings may go to the counter to fill in a missing object application form.
 (3)Customers requesting to recover their missing belongings should provide proof of ownership. If the applicant is not the owner of the belonging, he or she should provide his or her own personal identification document and the owner’s in order to recover the object(s). If the lost and found goods are very expensive belongings or registered valuable papers then the owner must claim them personally.
 (4)We only handle missing belongings according to our regulations but we are not responsible for any damages.
16.TRTC has purchased a Public Liability Insurance. If customers have any claim for compensation, please take the initiative to inform our staff members on the same day of the accident. Please provide complete medical treatment certification from a hospital or clinic certified by the National Health Insurance (NHI) authorities. We will assist you to apply for the insurance claim.
17.Accidents that are not intentionally caused by TRTC or our negligence which result in injuries, death or property losses, TRTC will not be responsible for any compensation.
18.These regulations are effective from the date of publication. If any amendment or correction occurs, it will be also effective from the date of its publication.

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