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《Ice Land》Can extensions be made to the time limits on benefits given to class cardholders and cardholders?

1. If Ice Land Students/Cardholders need to make an extension they can turn in an application along with other related information. The Ice Land will give an appropriate extension up to 45 days based on the reasons listed on the guests’ application.
2. The cardholder plan lasts up to 3 months and the WellMeet Card is not limited to personal use only. These cardholders may not apply for an extension except for when the arena is closed.
3. We recommend you first reference the refund policy before seeking a refund and apologize for any inconvenience. The following are exceptions which allow for extensions which exceed permitted extension restrictions:
(1) When traveling outside of the country, an extension will be granted equal to the amount of days spent traveling. Please provide proof of travel.
(2) If an extension is requested due to injury or other medical related issue, a reasonable extension period will be granted based on a doctors diagnosis, degree of seriousness of illness or injury, or whether or not physical therapy is needed for recovery.