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NO.TitlePublish Date
1《Main Hall》How do I apply for an event in the main hall?2016-09-08
2《Main Hall》How do I find more information on activities at the Taipei Arena? 2013-03-05
3《Main Hall》How do I buy tickets for events at the Taipei Arena? 2013-03-05
4《Main Hall》How do I apply to hold an event on the outdoor plaza?2020-02-20
5《Main Hall》How do I apply to hold an event supporting an idol?2020-02-20
6《Main Hall》What is the view like from my seat?2020-02-20
7《Main Hall》Where is wheelchair seating located?2020-02-20
8《Main Hall》What are the regulations concerning children tickets?2020-02-20
9《Main Hall》How do I get a part-time job at Taipei Arena?2020-02-20
10《Ice Land》Do students/cardholders need to fill out another “Taipei Arena Ice Land Student/Cardholder Basic Information Form” when renewing their card?2013-03-05
11《Ice Land》Can the effective period of class cards be extended if students are only able to make it to the Ice Land on holidays and are not able to use all of their time on their card within the allotted time period?2013-03-05
12《Ice Land》If I purchase private lessons and find that I am not accustomed to the coach’s teaching style, may I switch coaches?2013-03-05
13《Ice Land》If there are more than 400 people within the arena, how long will I have to wait before I can enter?2013-03-05
14《Ice Land》If the ice needs to be resurfaced during my allotted skate time, will my time be extended?2013-03-05
15《Ice Land》After entering the arena, can I temporarily leave and then return? Are food and drinks allowed inside the arena? Are food and drinks sold in the arena?2018-04-18
16《Ice Land》Does the Ice Land provide coat rental service?2013-03-05
17《Ice Land》If I have family members or friends skating at the Ice Land, can an announcement be made to call for them or can I enter the arena to look for them?2013-03-05
18《Ice Land》It’s my first time coming to skate; will there be a coach their teaching classes?2013-03-05
19《Ice Land》How many people are required in order to buy a group pass?2013-03-05
20《Ice Land》Why do group classes need to be reserved a day in advance? Why can’t they be reserved on the day of the class?2013-03-05