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Business Hours

Main Hall: 9am-10pm (times may vary depending on event schedules)

Ice Land:

Monday to Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and Summer/Winter vacations: 9am-9pm


1. Main Hall: Rent is charged by the hour. Sessions under an hour are charged as one hour.
Medium: NT$10/ hour
Large: NT$20/ hour

2. Ice Land: Rent is charged on a daily basis with no restrictions of hours. However, you may only open and close the locker once. If deposit time exceeds one day, the extra hours will be charged as an extra day. Items may only be retrieved after all outstanding fees have been paid.
Medium: NT$20/per use

3. Change available. The machines accept $5, $10 and $50 coins and $100 banknotes.


1. The lockers are coin-operated and generate a single-use electronic PIN. Please keep this PIN in a safe place.

2. The lockers are for storage only. We are not responsible for your belongings. Please take any valuables with you.

3. Do not deposit any perishable, flammable or otherwise hazardous items in the lockers.

4. The owner of the lockers (Wan Chou Tong Intl. Enterprise Co. Ltd.) reserves the right to open and examine the content of the lockers when necessary.

5. Items that have not been retrieved after 3 days will be removed by the owner of the locker (Wan Chou Tong Intl. Enterprise Co. Ltd.) and stored in another location for a maximum of 30 days. Normal storage fees apply for this period. Items which are still not retrieved after 30 days will be disposed of.

6. In the event of any loss or damage occuring during the storage period, liability bearable by the locker company is limited to NT$1000 maximum.

Wan Chou Tong Intl. Enterprise Co. Ltd. Tel.:886-2-2725-3996


Location of Lockers
Location  Photo 
 Main Hall-near exit 6  Main Hall-near exit 6
 Main Hall-near exit 9  Main Hall-near exit 9
 Ice Land -near 2F female lavatories  Ice Land -near 2F female lavatories
 Ice Land -near 3F auditorium  Ice Land -near 3F auditorium