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Food and BeverageClothing and AccessoriesLeisure ServicesSports Equipment
1-02 Mos Burger1-10  Marathon's World1-01 Kidsburgh1-13 TAROKO Roller 186 
1-03 7-ELEVEN1-12 For Rent1-06 LEADER1-14  True Yoga Fitness
1-04 First Super Restaurant 1-07 LEADERB1-01 Play and Swim
1-05 Wu-Feng Farmer's Association Distillery Taipei Arena 1-09 Réjo studio2F Ice Land
1-08 First Super 1-11 Golden Horse Skates 
1-15 RollFive mexican burrito with P.League 1-19 Puck Moose Hockey 
1-16、17 FamilyMart 1-20 For Rent 
1-18 For Rent   
3-06 Cheogajip