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International Standard Layout and Equipment

     The Taipei Arena Ice Land is currently the largest  ice skating rink in Taiwan which meets international standards. The arena is 61m x 30m and the ice skating rink can hold up to 400 people. Moreover, the stands can hold up to about 800 people. In addition to providing recreational entertainment for tourists, the Ice Land is also a professional training rink for skilled domestic athletes and national level professional skaters.

     The Ice Land is the only arena with an ice rink that meets winter Olympics standards and has previously been approved by the executive committees of both the International Skating Union and the Asian Skating Union. The professional equipment used in the arena includes: international standard ice hockey boards, short track speed fenders, a professional ice resurfacing machine (Zamboni), tall ice hockey protective net, two standard ice hockey goals and a retaining wall for skating lessons. The arena has already held many important international and domestic on-ice sporting events.

     In order to maintain a high quality skating experience for our guests, the number of people allowed on the ice is limited to 400 during peak business hours. In addition, the rink is divided into an advanced skating area, a teaching area and beginner area for the safety of our guests. Guests can personally decide which area to skate in based on their own skating skills or skate lessons they are participating in.
Multiple Options for Skate Lessons and Skate Coaches.

     The arena hires skate coaches of all levels (including national level). Guests can take a variety of classes ranging from professional beginning level courses to one-on-one classes with a personal skate coach. School clubs (or businesses) can reserve areas of the rink for their own personal practice based on their needs. Because the temperature within the ice skating rink is kept within 12~15℃, we recommend that beginning students wear long sleeves and pants, thick socks, and wear gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet in order to reduce risk. The thickness and tightness of clothing should not interfere with athletic mobility.
[note] The arena provides ice skate and protective gear rental services as well as gloves available for purchase.

The Joy of the Subtropical Ice Palace

    The Ice Land creates a winter wonderland for our guests, bringing the joy of skating to Taiwan and a brand new athletic experience and way of life to this subtropical zone. Regardless of the season, all are welcome to bring family and friends to this fitness and recreation center to soothe their soul, contact friends, and together enjoy the joy this “subtropical ice palace” brings.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00am- 9:00pm

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and Winter/Summer Vacation: 9:00am- 9pm

(tickets will stop being sold 30 minutes before closing).

Ice Surface Maintenance Hours:

Monday to Friday: 2:00pm- 2:20pm, 6:00pm- 6:20pm

Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays and Winter/Summer Vacation: 12:00pm- 12:20pm, 2:00pm- 2:20pm, 4:00pm- 4:20pm, and 6:00pm-6:20pm

Our Location

Address: No. 2, Section 4, 2nd floor Nanjing East Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105 (enter through gate 4 of the Taipei Arena then go to the second floor).

Information Telephone No: 886-2-25783536 ext. 701, 702
Fax No: 886-2-25771796