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  1. When skating, please skate in the counterclockwise direction. Any speed skating, skating against the direction of traffic, games of tag, breaking of the ice, child’s play, forming snake figures by holding on to other skaters and prohibited jumps are strictly forbidden and are dangerous activities.
  2. Please put on skates and protective gear in the viewing area in order to prevent blocking walkways and affecting other guests.
  3. Please take remove all food and drink from the arena when leaving and throw garbage away in the garbage cans.
  4. When skating, please remain in the proper skating area according to your own skating ability in order to reduce risk of injury.
  5. The center section of the rink is for classes. If you accidentally run into a coach carrying out a class or into another skater, please apologize to one another and practice the good manners that every skater should have. If there is a conflict between skaters and coaches teaching a class, the coach should notify a staff member in order to reach a solution and should not initiate a conflict with any other customer.
  6. If skaters choose to use music players, they should use them appropriately and keep the volume at an appropriate level as to not influence other skaters.If a coach and a skater/family of skater cannot resolve a conflict which affects the order within the ice rink and don’t head the warning of the arena staff, the arena may ask both parties to leave the premises in order to protect its good public image.
  7. Ice skating is a risky sport. If skaters wish to do any type of advance moves, they must be under the guidance of a coach. The coach and the skater are responsible for the risk of the skater sustaining any injury (not caused by the ice rink facility).
  8. For the safety of the skater and other guests, flying camels and jumps exceeding 3 rotations are prohibited during normal business hours except for those in the teaching area in the center of the rink.
  9. The ice skating rink is a public facility. All have the right to be treated respectfully.