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Reservation Provisions

  1. Reservations should be completed at least 1 day before the intended reservation time.
  2. Groups must consist of at least 20 people. Groups with less than 20 people do not meet the requirements of the discount program.
  3. Use of special areas of the ice rink will be granted on the day of the reservation.
  4. Admission time is based on reservation. Time will not be extended if guests arrive late in order to prevent influencing other groups skating times and the original schedule as planned.
  5. The admission time frame is based on the original reservation time. Extensions will not be given if any individual member of the group arrives late for any reason.
  6. An overtime charge of NT$45 will be charged for each half hour spent in the rink past the original allotted time period. Any amount of overtime less than 30 minutes will be counted as a half hour. Admission time will be automatically extended if ice resurfacing is carried out during the allotted time period.
  7. A single group is limited to 100 people. Total number of people in group reservations at any given time is limited to 200 people in order to maintain order and protect the right of ordinary skaters to use the ice.

Reminders When Skating

  1. Gloves and helmets should be worn when skating. With the exception of helmets, guests must bring their own gloves or purchase gloves from the Ice Land.
  2. We recommend you wear thick socks in order to avoid blisters and other problems related to not being accustomed to wearing ice skates.
  1. We recommend you report to the information counter at least 30 minutes before your scheduled session. Groups will be allowed onto the ice after a member of the information counter staff has counted the number of people in the group and payment has been completed.
  2. Groups of 40 people or more should report the sizes and amount of ice skates needed in advance in order to prevent a shortage of skates during the session.


  1. Group members must abide by the rules stipulated in the "Taipei Arena Ice Land What Guests Need to Know" document.
  2. Group attending class should first discuss the content of the classes with their respective coaches. In order to prevent influencing other skaters, loudspeakers and whistles are forbidden within the premises.
  3. If you wish to receive a refund due to any unexpected circumstance, you must speak with the information counter within 10 minutes of entering the Ice Land. If the group is comprised of less than 20 people after conducting the refund, the group will no longer meet the requirements for the discount group program.
  4. If the Ice Land is temporarily closed for business on the day of the reservation due to a natural disaster, war, system failure or other uncontrollable factors, refunds will be granted according to associated refund policies. Groups who have not yet arrived will be notified of the cancellation of their on the day of said event.
  5. For an explanation of associated discount group program fees, please visit https://english.arena.taipei/ or call the Ice Land Information Counter: 886-2-25783536 ext.701-703.