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  1. Four lesson courses include four coaching tutorials, two self-practice lessons, free skates and protective gear. None of the above is transferrable.
  2. Each private tutorial is 2.5 hours (40 minutes tutorial and 1 hour 50 minutes practice.) No refund is given for tardiness or early leave.
  3. Participants in private tutorial must pay all fees in full and collect their training cards before attending class. Training cards are not transferrable. Students who purchase the four-lesson package should complete their course (including coaching tutorials and self-practices) within the period (45 days of the first lesson). If students wish to take more classes after the 45 day period, they will be charged for single-lessons before they may participate.
  4. Students taking private tutorials for the first time must make reservations by phone or in person at least three days in advance so coaches can be arranged.
  5. Weekday students need to pay the price difference if they wish to take weekend lessons. Weekend students may take weekday lessons, but will not be given any refund.
  6. Students should make appointments with the assigned coach by themselves. If students wish to cancel lesson, they must inform their coach in advance. The start and finish time of the lessons is subject to the time of the appointment. No making up time or lessons will be given if the students are late or leave early for personal reasons.
  7. If Taipei Arena Ice Land is closed to the public for competition events or other reasons during the validity period of the training card, extension days will be given in ratio to the closed days.
  8. Students wishing to request a refund need to apply within seven days of the first lesson. Both the receipt of purchase and training card need to be presented for the refund. No late applications are accepted.

Ice hockey tutorials and rink reservations

Customers should confirm rink reservation and the appointment time with the coach before purchasing ice hockey tutorials. Please call or visit in person for the current month’s reservations. For reservations in the upcoming months, please see details below.

  1. Reservations can be made on the 10th of each month for lessons and rink reservations of the upcoming month. If Ice Land is closed due to weather condition, events of force majeure, public holidays, competition events, or any other special circumstances, the reservations will be postponed until the next business day or another posted date.
  2. Reservations can be made on site between 19:00-20:00 on the 10th of every month. Each person can reserve up to 8lessons.
  3. If your preferring date is booked up, you may coordinate with others for arrangements or to swap reservations.
  4. If lessons are still over-booked after coordinating , a decision will be made by draw of straws.
  5. After the first round of rink registrations and draws, persons who arrived late for the registration(after 20:00), who were not lucky in the draw, or who need more reservations, may register for the second round of draws for the remaining lessons until no more bookings need to be made.

Please note: Each time slot can allocate for either two groups (one coach on three or more students) or three groups (one coach on two or fewer students).

For more information and services, please call the Taipei Ice Land service counter at 02-2578-3536 ext.701~703