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Taipei Arena

Past Events

NO.TitlePublish Date
12019/09/21《2019 super star sports show》2019-08-17
22019/09/28~09/29《EXO PLANET #5 – ExplOration - in TAIPEI》2019-08-06
32019/10/05~10/06《Johnny’s presents Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE 2019 in Taipei》2019-08-03
42019/09/03、09/04、09/05、09/06、09/07、09/08《YONEX CHINESE TAIPEI OPEN 2019》2019-07-25
52019/10/19《~AKB48 in Taipei 2019 ~ Are You Ready For It? ~》2019-06-26
62019/07/06《2019 CTC Cup Ballroom Dance Championship WDC World Cup - Taipei》2019-06-26
72019/09/13~09/14《AARON KWOK de Aa Kode WORLD TOUR LIVE IN TAIPE》2019-06-17
82019/06/29《The 30th Golden Melody Awards》2019-06-05
92019/07/02~07/03《Heavenly Blessings And Miracles》2019-05-31
102019/06/02《2019 hito Music Awards》2019-04-03
112019/03/23~03/24《UBA Basketball Division I Final 2018-2019》2019-03-04
122019/03/16~03/17《107 HBL Final》2019-02-25
132019/07/20、07/21、07/23、07/24、07/25、07/26、07/27、07/28、07/30、07/31、08/01、08/02、08/03、08/04《The Lion King》2019-02-19
142019/05/25《Jason Mraz Good Vibes 2019 Live in Taipei》2019-02-14
152019/04/13、04/14《Joker Xue – Skyscraper World Tour in Taipei》2019-01-30
162019/06/08、06/09《DESCENDANTS OF THE DRAGON 2060 WORLD TOUR》2019-01-22
172019/03/09《Will Pan Alpha 2019 Live in Taipei》2018-12-27
182019/03/30《2019 World Grand Prix Open To The World》2018-12-22
192019/02/14、02/15、02/16、02/17《JJ LIN Sanctuary World Tour Taipei 》2018-12-05
202019/02/28《2019 Asian Dance Tour Taipei Open》2018-11-30