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NO.TitlePublish Date
21《Ice Land》How much will it cost to skate longer than 2 hours?2013-03-05
22《Ice Land》Does the service desk provide item storage service? (Luggage, pets, etc...)2016-01-20
23《Ice Land》What should I do if I lose my Ice Land card (class card, learning card, regular card, training card, Joined card )?2016-02-15
24《Ice Land》Do students, military and government personnel or handicapped persons get a discount?2018-04-18
25《Ice Land》What are the admission fees for Ice Land?2016-02-15
26《Ice Land》Can extensions be made to the time limits on benefits given to class cardholders and cardholders?2013-03-05
27《Ice Land》If the number of people in the arena exceeds 400, can rental skates and protection gear rented from the shoe store on the first floor be refunded?2013-03-05
28《Ice Land》Why is it necessary to wear a helmet and gloves when ice skating? Are gloves available to rent?2018-04-18
29《Ice Land》Can I purchase just one group lesson?2013-03-05
30《Ice Land》If I would like to continue after completing a single private lesson, can I add money to my balance to purchase a 4-class course?2013-03-05
31《Ice Land》Can my class card bundled with practice sessions be given to other people to use?2013-03-05
32《Customer Service》What restaurants are located around the Taipei Arena?2016-01-06
33《Customer Service》Are there any lockers in the Taipei Arena? If so, where can I find one? How big are they? Is there a fee?2016-01-20
34《Customer Service》Does the Taipei Arena have a breastfeeding room? 2013-03-05
35《Customer Service》What services does the Taipei Arena provide for handicapped individuals?2013-03-05
36《Other Service》How do I apply for a tour of the Taipei Arena? 2013-03-05